so i bought the pinebook pro

it is usable 97% of the time, this 3% is related to a weird bug with keyboard, the touchpad and screen sharing, video calls; but i'll explain. my current setup is arch linux with DWM. here are some points:
the pinebook pro laptop is lightweight, sleek, compact and pretty; it has a premium feel given by the magnesium shell and a gorgeous display. microSD slot is also very good to find.
it has a decent battery, frequently i can use it all day long without a recharge. i'd only remove the barrel port, as the USBC port can be used for charging, so no real need for it.
the touchpad feels a little weird sometimes, it is a little fuzzy and i have difficulties using the right click, i don't get it every time. the website says it's a large one, but i don't think so. i'd have it a little larger and make the click feel the same place everywhere, it clicks only on the bottom.
very good one, not the best, the only thing that bothers me is that sometimes i get a doubled key, may be a firmware thing.
people could see me clearly, sometimes it gets really dark i don't know why, may be some misconfiguration on me. the real issue is processing power, when i turn it on the laptop becomes unusable, totally lagged.
i think this is the only thing that bothers me everyday, it is slow and there is no hardware acceleration for the graphics driver at this time of writting. i use very light software and it sometimes lags. but software support for most applications is fine, only missing OSS.
this is very personal: the only design detail that is not what i like is the display being a little bigger than the bottom part, so when it is closed the lid is not aligned, but that's really a manner of taste. the pine website doesn't deliver to brazil and that's a huge bummer, specially because they do not answer any email or support ticket, horrible customer service.
in sum it is a great linux laptop specially if you consider that it is only 219.99$, i hope Pine64 continue to improve it, they are doing a great job for the linux/BSD ARM community.

please if you know how to solve any issue i found please reply this post. thanks!